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Janesville, WI


Our High Customer Satisfaction Standards

Auto repair and maintenance is our specialty and customer satisfaction is our creed. There are many levels of customer service in auto repair and maintenance. One philosophy is to trim off as many expenses and put in as little effort as possible in order to increase profits. Many shops hire technicians with low skill levels that only know how to replace parts until the problem goes away. They lack dependability and concern for safety. They only use cheap parts and fluids on your car, truck or SUV. In the end, this shop cuts too many corners and cheats their customers of the quality they deserve.

From the day we started servicing our customers, our number one goal is to provide unparalleled quality care for your automobile with excellent customer satisfaction. Our one-stop service center offers the latest technologies, free inspections and advice, as well as a seasonal maintenance program designed especially for the convenience of our customers. We belong to the Automotive Service Association, and are AAA approved members with an ASE Blue Seal of Excellence.

We strive for same-day service and go out of our way to meet your automotive needs. We want to make you feel confident and comfortable with us by making our commitment to excellence obvious. Additionally, our constant investment in superior technology and our seasoned service team build a strong foundation for getting top-notch customer evaluations. We care as much about your vehicle as you do.

AAA’s Independent Survey Scores

AAA surveys our customers every year to evaluate how we are servicing them. The association wants to know how well we are dealing with our customers to ensure that the quality of our work meets or exceeds AAA standards. As accepted members of the organization, we’ve worked very hard to achieve such high customer service scores. With every project we aim for 100% satisfaction.

Why We Rate So High

  • We genuinely care for our customers.
  • We continually focus on convenience for our customers.
  • We go out of our way to hire the very best service team available.
  • We are dedicated professionals that focus on giving our customers peace of mind that we will meet their expectations.

A CTR Automotive Service Center we are here to perform all manufacture specified maintenance, emergency repairs or custom work on your classic. Our diagnostic specialists are expert problem solvers. No matter what the automotive project we’ll gladly take care of it for you.

Serving Janesville WI, Milton WI, Edgerton WI, Fulton WI, Indianford WI, Afton WI, Emerald Grove WI and Anderson WI