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Janesville, WI


Brake Repair or Replacement in Janesville, WI.

When you come to CTR Automotive and Transmission for brake services, plan on us getting the job done right the first time.
Our technicians take brake work to the next level and focus on providing knowledgeable and considerate service to our customers.
At CTR we continuously strive to master all aspects of custom classic vehicle care, including brake work. Our mechanics follow
strict uniform inspection guidelines to ensure that your braking system is safe and operates smoothly.

We are experienced in classic brake repair, and inspect all disc brake components, such as rotors, calipers, pads and other hardware.
We also examine brake shoes and drums, cylinders, springs, hydraulic systems, cables and boosters. And of course we check brake fluid levels and hoses.

Brakes are essential for driving safely.

Some warning signs that you need your brakes worked on:

  • Your brake pedal hits the floor before braking
  • You hear strange squealing noises, clunking or other peculiar sounds
  • The brake pedal vibrates
  • The brakes feel spongy and weak.
  • When braking, your vehicle sways or pulls.

At CTR, we are here to gladly answer all your questions. You might not get to know us very well because after having your repaired here, you probably won’t be back!

We make sure you are satisfied with every aspect of our service and that your vehicle is in safe hands. To learn more about your braking system and to get pricing, Wisconsin residents can contact our certified technicians at CTR Automotive at 608-373-9750. Take full advantage of our expertise and you’ll know you’ve made a wise choice for brake service on your

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