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At CTR Automotive Service Center we offer a complete line of repair and maintenance services for your vehicle. We will take care of you in Janesville and all surrounding areas.

Preventive Maintenance

The ideal way to curtail major breakdowns and heftier automotive repair expenses is with regular maintenance. Preventive vehicle maintenance is basically a routine the manufacturer of your vehicle recommends following to keep vehicle operating in good condition. And we offer these services to keep it running well.

Our Routine Maintenance Services and Qualifications:

  • Full Auto & Truck Repair Shop
  • General automotive: tune-ups, oil changes, lubes and headlights
  • Computer diagnostics
  • Seasonal Maintenance Program!
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • AAA Approved Auto Repair
  • Interstate Battery Platinum Dealer
  • ASE Blue Seal of Excellence Facility
  • Automotive Service Association

    Repair and Maintenance Work

    Brake Work

    Brakes eventually wear out and require repair. Different driving environments, how often you brake, your brake methods and other factors determine how long your brakes will work properly. Considering these reasons, you should routinely service your brakes. Our technicians are CTR are familiar with driving conditions here in Wisconsin and know how to care for your brakes. We will inspect your brakes for free to ensure that any problem is looked after before it turns out to be a serious concern.

    Transmission Work

    Your transmission may probably be one of the most critical and complicated mechanisms of your car or truck. For this reason, it’s important to rely on the full–service expertise of our shop. There are a numerous issues that can be easily fixed, while others may need an entire transmission overhaul. Our experienced mechanics have the training and skills to accurately diagnose your transmission issues and get your vehicle back on the road.

    Oil Change & Lube Service

    As our goal is to offer our Janesville area customer with a shop that recognizes all of their needs. We perform oil changes for all cars and trucks. We care about safety and pay attention that your levels are correct. We provide a complimentary oil and lube inspection with your driving security in mind.


    Don’t put yourself in danger with a slow leak. You might be driving around with a tire that has a slow leak without realizing it. Don’t wait until it’s too late, bring your car into our shop and we’ll give your tires the service they need to keep you driving safely. You’ll be able to get tires installed and repaired by our experienced staff.

    Other Emergency Repairs

    We are here for you when your car or truck runs into trouble. We understand how aggravating it is, especially if you are without transportation or stranded. We proved the best assurance we can make to ease your worries.

    You can trust us for quality work on:

    • Oil Changes
    • Appraisals
    • Insurance repairs
    • Alignments, tire balance and replacements
    • Brakes and bearings
    • Suspension repair and rebuilding
    • Ignition and Exhaust
    • Steering Repair
    • Transmission service and repair
    • Carburetors
    • Tires & Service
    • Muffler & Exhust Repair
    • Air conditioning and cooling systems maintenance and repair

    We recognize the stress repairs cause and we work hard to make sure they go smoothly. Leave the inconvenience behind you and bring your vehicle to the experienced, respectful professionals at CTR Automotive Service Center. Our pros also specialize in restoring classic cars. We are a single stop repair and restoration facility.

Serving Janesville WI, Milton WI, Edgerton WI, Fulton WI, Indianford WI, Afton WI, Emerald Grove WI and Anderson WI