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4 Wheel Repair

4 Wheel Drive Repair Janesville Wi and Milton WI

Welcome to Our 4 Wheel Drive Center at CTR Automotive.

The mechanics at CTR Automotive Service are experts at working on 4-wheel drive (4×4) and all wheel drive (AWD) vehicles. AWD is a 4-wheel-drive system that operates full time on all four wheels. These vehicles get constant rotating force from the engine with a center differential that enables all tires to rotate at a separate speed.

When you chose to bring your truck, SUV or car into our shop, it will cared for by specialists with specialized training and experience on 4 wheel and all wheel drive vehicles. You can be confident that our staff will meet your needs and work hard to complete the job. Our 4-wheel service is also very reasonably priced.

Some of our 4 wheel services include:

  • After-market parts
  • Suspension enhancement
  • Lift Kits
  • Off road tires and tire upgrades
  • Mud perfomance tire installation
  • All terrain tire systems

Complete 4 Wheel Drive and All Wheel drive SUV, truck and car repair

You can rest assured we have skilled professionals to provide superior service for other necessary repairs and upkeep of your vehicle also.


Transmission repair should be taken seriously. The transmission works on key components of your vehicle and needs to be working properly to ensure your safety. Transmission services also involve filter replacement and fluid inspection to keep the transmission in working order. Freqeunt transmission problems include slipping, delay in power, fluid leaks and the service light lighting up. If you suspect you may need your transmission serviced be sure to schedule an appointment with us today.

Transfer Cases

A transfer case is an important part of is four wheel drive system and is found in every four wheel drive vehicle. The transmission sends power to the transfer cases which goes to the front and rear axles with drive shafts. Most transfer cases are chain operated.


The differential passes on engine power to the wheels. An important purpose of the differential is to send power to the wheels while permitting them to spin at variable speeds, hence the term differential. All found wheels do not travel at an identical distance so the wheels need to turn at at different rates. Have your differential inspected regularly so they work they are working as they should.


A driveline is a piece of equipment that attaches to the engine and the transmission and the wheel axles. The driveline is powertrain mechanism that is not a part of the engine or transmission. Without the driveline operating properly the vehicle becomes immobile because energy is not transferred to the wheel axles. So make to to have your driveline working if you want you vehicle to move!


Wheel alignment is basically a 4 wheel correction of the angle of each wheel that meets the manufacturer’s recommendations. When wheels are aligned, steering and suspension operate efficiently and will lessen wear on your tires.

Wheel Bearings

Wheel bearings are found inside the wheels and them to spin freely. They connected to the brake system and can become worn over time. This causes shaking in the suspension and load rubbing as the car is driven. If your bearing are broken, it very hard to control your and becomes vehicle dangerous. CTR can ensure that your bearings are in proper condition and warn you when they need to be replaced.

Seals, Studs, Nuts and Hubs

A wheel hub motor directly drives wheel hub. When they warp or fray your ride gets rough. They improve performance in ranging temperatures and terrain.

Properly working seals provide a sealant for oil and grease to improve driving in a variety of temperatures and terrains. Tattered seals let external contaminants in or allow lubricant to leak. This ultimately leads to premature failure of the bearing unit. To keep debris out and preserve lubricant in the bearings, have the seals replaced with new ones before they wear out.

Studs are the threaded fastenings that hold the wheels of your truck in place. They are permanently attached to the wheel hub through the brake system. To keep the wheel fastened nuts are secured over a stud. Stripped studs are unsafe because the wheel is may become dangerous loose. They should be changed immediately.

A wheel or lug nut fastens down a wheel on the hub. They are attached to the hub and are also responsible for securely connects the wheel. Any time a wheel is not correctly secured there is an increased chance it could roll over. Let us replace damaged seals, hubs, nuts or studs today.

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Have the experts at CTR work on your 4 wheel car, SUV or truck because it can be a complicated process and not all mechanics are as qualified as us. We use top notch diagnostic equipment, replacement parts and other products when we service or repair your automobile. We conduct safe work and and are committed to ensuring that your 4 wheel vehicle runs correctly. Contact or visit CTR Automotive Service in the Janesville area at 608-373-9750 today.

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