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Important Skills Milton WI Drivers Should Have

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Important Skills for Milton WI Drivers

December 29, 2015

The most common form of transportation in Milton, WI is driving. That’s how 95% of Milton residents get to work. There are some things drivers can be familiar with to keep their vehicles in reliable working condition before bringing them in to CTR Automotive Service Center in Janesville, WI.

1. Know when your oil should be changed.

Engines are not all alike. Refer to the owner’s manual to find out when the best time and/or mileage is for oil changes on your specific model. If you don’t have a manual, you can get it on-line.

2. Where your check engine light is located and what steps to take if it goes on.

Read your manual. Sometimes the light may display something you can fix simply, or you may need to bring your vehicle to our shop to determine if repair work is necessary.

3. Windshield wiper blade replacement.

You should probably put new ones about every six months. This is a simple and quick job. Your manual will designate specific sizes.

4. Inspect your headlights and taillights.

Headlights are known to dim when they get old. You should routinely check them, since some actually need to be replaced as much as once a year.

5. Make sure you regularly check and adjust tire pressure.

Most gas stations provide air pump to measure tire pressure and add or remove air. Again, correct tire pressure is listed in the owner’s manual.

6. Know when to change your air filter.

And yes, look it up in your car owner’s manual when your air filter needs to be replaced. Keeping up on these changes boosts your fuel efficiency.

7. Find dependable and skilled mechanics.

Milton drivers that have done their research know that the best mechanics in the area are right here at CTR Automotive. Don’t seek out the cheapest services because you’ll want technicians that actually care for your vehicle. Keep our information readily available in the event of an emergency. Call us anytime at 608-373-9750 with questions you have about servicing your vehicle.

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